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After France’s Banning the Burqa

After France banning the burqa, public opinion is divided on the rest of Europe as to whether it was right or not and if other countries have to follow suit. What follows is a precis of comments for and against gathered from around the internet.

Certain say that when in Rome, do what the Romans do. European girl cannot walk down the road in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait in to heels, shorts and a tank top. It would be considered wrong according to the laws and customs of that country. As a subject of fact, a European women would have too significantly respect of the Islamic country's rules to flout them in that way. Similarly, when a girl who in the woman own country would wear a burqa arrives to the Europe, it is only right for her to observe the culture for the country she is on and not wear the burqa.

Afterward there are those that bring up the example of nuns into Europe. Surely if nuns wear a long costume and cover their hair, then Muslim female have to be able to do the same? Though, it is pointed out that the debate is not concerning the long dress and hair covering. It's related to covering the face. It is this covering for the face that upsets people in the West.

But, others point out that banning the burqa is not a phenomenon distinctive to the West. Syria, an Islamic Eastern country, has already banned the burqa in schools and universities.

Then there's the security aspect. Quite a few cite how easy it is for a man to hide inside a burqa and commit crimes. And regardles of whether male or women, a person can easily hide a bomb inside a burqa. A criminal may easily hide their face inside the veil. Parallels are drawn with putting on a crash helmet or balaclava when going to the bank. It's not allowed simply because it poses a serious threat to security. And yet this is not against the crash helmet or balaclava wearer's human rights, for this reason surely it have to not be against the burqa wearer's human rights not to wear one. And stories abound how a woman passed the driving test for several others who could not drive for that reason well by wearing a burqa.

Others point out that allowing the burqa makes Western world only like a dangerous third world, the very spot the burqa wearing woman have left in to search for for a better life.

No doubt this will continue to be a hotly-debated issue for some time. Have to the rest of Europe allow the burqa? This is certainly a delicate political subject!

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