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The Thierry Mugler Perfume Line

A lot of people get addicted to scents and fragrances. No matter what the occasion is, good fragrances never fail to give a lasting optimistic impression on a person's personality. Fragrances also have pleasant and relaxing effects that can help boost one's confidence. It is true that we can go on with our lives without scents but the world would not be totally complete without them. That would make life a bit boring and lifeless, so to speak.

There are a number of popular fragrances in the world, and one of the more popular manufacturers in the world is Thierry Mugler. He has created the world famous Angel and Alien perfumes, and they have certainly left their mark on the industry.

Thierry Mugler got an early start in the arts industry and he was in fact trained as a ballet dancer. He did have other interests of course, some of which were drawing, clothing design, and even classical dance. After a quick stint as a window dresser in Paris, he began to create his own clothing designs. He created the women's line of clothing along with Caf de Paris. Five years later, he created a line of clothing for men.

Working with Clarins, a French producer of skin and beauty products, Mugler was able to create his first perfume called Angel in 1992. This fragrance automatically became popular, even outselling products from the well-established perfume companies in Europe. His exceptional style of gourmand fragrances was well- received by the international market, which encouraged him to produce more incredible scents. His second major fragrance, Thierry Mugler Alien perfume, was created in 2005, which is filled with light, serenity and hope, and is inspired by the solar world.

As the first gourmand perfume, Angel had a number of different features such as a fruit blend, along with honey, caramel, vanilla, and many others. The ingredients housed in this product make an incredible fragrance.

After the huge success of the Angel perfume, Mugler pushed through with a research in order to find a new scent to add to his perfume line. He produced the Alien perfume, which was contained in a really cute and attractive bottle. In fact, a lot of Alien's fans learned to love the gorgeous bottles first before the scent. Alien perfume consisted of smooth essences of jasmine with some calming wood scent. Its unique breakthrough made a huge impact to the fragrances industry. People realized the trustworthy designing skills of Mugler and are in the lookout for his new releases in the future.

Perfumes have now become one of our daily necessities. Thierry Mugler is indeed one of the exceptional perfume manufacturers nowadays. His unique scents and designs have paved way into the hearts of both clothing and perfume enthusiasts and Thierry Mugler Alien perfume is certainly one of his great successes.

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