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Graffiti Tee Shirts as an Alternative Media Outlet

Graffiti writing has been in existence for thousands of years. It's been employed to do everything from raising awareness, to shouting obscenities and marking territorial boundaries. For some people, it is nothing but vandalism and should be eradicated. For others, it is a beautiful art form which allows disaffected artists an alternative venue to express themselves. Street art has experienced an elevated level of popularity in recent times. Some artists are finding themselves in legitimate galleries and others are even being approached to put their art on graffiti tee shirts.

Over time, street art has evolved and shifted. There is a subculture of urban artists that encompasses every country, and every continent. From Denmark to Switzerland, New York to Amsterdam, these artists create their art and spread their messages for various reasons and with varying results.

Some street artists use the walls as canvases on which to speak about important contemporary issues. Specific symbols and slogans are employed to arouse the interest of a public viewed as generally apathetic. Some artists utilize their skills to achieve notoriety within the urban art subculture. That subculture is frequently governed by rules particular to certain regions.

There are several scenarios and subjects that can be covered by these unspoken rules. Issues like what constitutes respect of other artists work, and what constitutes a breach of ethics are examples. Having some sort of guidelines can specifically influence the way hostile acts are performed between rival urban art groups. In many cases, these rivalries go completely unnoticed by the populace at large.

The symbols and slogans utilized to signal the boundaries of specific gang territories are are one example of internal rules. Any citizens who are not involved in gang activity will frequently be ignorant of particular writings on the walls. Rival gang members however, will be instantly alerted to where they are trespassing.

It is the opinion of some people, that when images from street art are placed on clothing, it serves to legitimate that art. When an urban artist creates a work of art specifically to go on clothing, the art itself is re-contextualized. Clothing presents an opportunity for a moving installation, where several ideas are displayed simultaneously.

Urban art has played, and will continue to play, its' own part within the wider context of subculture and societal expression. Graffiti tee shirts may aide in the further spreading of particular messages that individual artists. They may also lead to increased awareness and acceptance of this kind of art as a legitimate form of artistic expression.

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