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The Top Tips From David D’s Double Your Dating

Here are a few tips right from David DeAngelo's, Double Your Dating. Double Your Dating is the proven guide for men looking to improve their dating life and skills. Here are some tips you'll learn from the book. David takes a unique approach, as he is the pioneer in the cocky and funny personality.

Here are a few tips straight from David Deangelo's Double Your Dating:

Tip #1: You must be positive in your mindset and when talking to yourself. This is a key issue that David DeAngelo talks about, you cannot improve yourself while not having an optimistic attitude. David feels strongly that if you cannot get out of a negative mindset you'll be trapped in your reality forever and you cannot improve yourself.

The first thing thing you must do to change your dating life is to be positive and confident when thinking about your mindset. To have success in the real world, you must first visualize it in your mind.

Tip #2: It works favorable not to give a woman a direct answer. This tip is covered with some scope in chapter four. There is a whole section on this as to how this helps you successfully talk to woman. David says to not give a woman a direct answer.This puts you more in control. To fully grasp this valuable concept check Double Your Dating.

Tip #3: Tease girls. You must remember to not put girls on a high pedestal and remember that they are just people also. Tease women in a funny way. If a woman asks you to hand her something, start giving it to her only to pull it away at the last second. This keeps the mood fun and shows that you aren't putting her on a high pedestal.

Tip #4: Don't argue about everything. Don't argue when on a date. By arguing you are going to send the signal that you bring drama into your life and a woman doesn't want a man who is attracting drama. If you are talking about your work, don't argue about how much you hate it.

Girls don't want a man who argues all the time about everything. Stay upbeat during your date not allowing things to perturb you. Use these tips the next time you are on a date to help you get the girl you want!

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