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A Few Renowned Printmaking Artists

Carol Odell chose painting as her way of expression when she was young and decided to go to art institution. Ever since finishing a BFA from the Boston Museum School / Tufts University in 1967, she has made art and design part of her lifestyle. After discovering a few media after some time, she has opted for oil paint as her preferred medium for its working features and richness of color. Gouache as well as monotype works on paper enhance her much larger oil works on canvas, wood panels and folding screens. Taking care of the Odell studio / gallery has given her with the satisfying experience of direct contact and connections with lots of enthusiasts of her work. Her work is also currently represented by the Rice / Polak Gallery in Provincetown, MA and in many juried group exhibits in the New England region. She exhibits frequently with the Monotype Guild of New England of which she had been president for three years.

David Smith-Harrison was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in which he has spent the greater part of his existence. In 1977 he was awarded a Utah State Sterling Scholarship, prior to going on to be schooled at the South Glamorgan Institute, Cardiff, Wales in 1983 as well as the University of Utah, Salt Lake City in 1984.

His highly original printmaking, that combines traces of Renaissance form architecture with vividly rendered natural things, relies on his fascination for drawing. "Drawing is of central importance to me," he states, "it is a tool for developing my powers of observation and memory."

The delicate technique of printmaking has a much higher element of surprise. Smith-Harrison enjoys this slightly unstable delivery of his concepts. He states "I am attracted to the infinite possibilities of impressing ink onto paper and I find the unique textural characteristics of prints to be stimulating, seductive, and full of subtlety and nuance." It is a time-consuming technique inherited from the wonderful engravers of the Renaissance, a period of time which in particular fascinates Smith-Harrison. He emphasizes that his fascination with earlier artistic traditions will be as important to him as his connection with current life.

Smith-Harrison's high artistic standing has guaranteed tremendous exhibition of his work. He has displayed several solo and group exhibitions across California. His work was likewise exhibited at the Evergreen Graphic Art Association, Taipei Cultural Centre, Taiwan in 1993.

In addition, Smith-Harrison has took part in numerous juried exhibitions. Among these include the Ashland University Printmaking Invitational Exhibition, Ohio, where he displayed work in 1999; National Printmaking, College of New Jersey, Trenton in 1997, Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennal 95, Japan; 65th National Print Exhibition, Society of American Graphic Artists, Federal Plaza, New York in 1993 and US-UK Print Connection, Barbican Centre in London in 1989.

WilIiam Stolpin was born and brought up in Flint. He attended Garfield elementary, Emerson Junior High and old Northern High School, where he is currently a Distinguished Alumni with his photograph on the wall at the brand new High School. He graduated from Northern in 1960, and decided to go directly to GMI. He managed to graduate with BME in 1965. While he was in Junior High, he was creating linoleum block Holiday cards. A single card in particular had 7 blocks and around 15 colors. He became aware, at that time, that he had a talent for printmaking, and have been creating images since then.

Printmaking is a very vast medium in art and can be studied nearly anywhere, in art classes or from printmaking artists. Once you learn basic principles, you will discover there are many methods to create a really good print.

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