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How to Find Love Again – 7 Tips on Dating and Relationships

Are you looking for a new romantic relationship but are out of practice with dating someone new? Maybe a relationship that you've had for a long time has finally come to an end and you wish to start over again. Regardless of your particular circumstances, the following suggestions will serve you well in your quest for romance.

1.) Always be true to yourself.

Never attempt an affectation that isn't you. Kids and very young adults resort to this because they have no life experiences and are thus a blank slate. You aren't a kid anymore and should have by now formed a real identity based on having had a real life. Phony affectation simply isn't necessary at this point.

2.) Self exaggeration should always be avoided.

If the relationship lasts beyond the first date or two, the truth will always get out. When this happens, you will seem insecure or deceitful and you might as well mark the date on a calendar. Because you will have reached the beginning of the end of the relationship.

3.) Don't pursue her too aggressively especially if things aren't going your way.

While men are expected to be the pursuers, you have to know when to quit. Love can't be forced on anyone.

4.) Don't be too eager.

This does not mean that you have to pretend not to care. It means you must be a bit more subtle about showing that you are attracted to her. Excessive eagerness can be mistaken for neediness and even desperation.

5.) Don't be afraid to show her your sense of humor.

Humor is a fantastic ice breaker. It is one of the quickest ways to break though the barriers and put her at ease. Humor is also seen a sign of mental and emotional health.

6.) It is important to understand that women value frequent and small gestures of affection.

Men tend to disregard the small things in favor of the one grand gesture. Don't allow this natural tendency to sabotage your relationship. Flowers, cards, or remembering anniversary dates may seem like trivial things to you or I, but they must not be neglected.

7.) There is a tendency to take something for granted once it has become familiar. But in the world of relationships, this is a big mistake.

No one wants to be taken for granted. This isn't a female thing, it's a human nature thing. Like it or not, just about everything in life including relationships will whither and die if you don't give it the attention that it requires.

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