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Diamond Jewelry by Silver.Ag

Diamond jewelry is still often the jewelry of choice to celebrate important events or express your affection for someone. However, these pieces can be very expensive and it is largely due to the value of the stones in any given piece. Learning more about how to buy quality stones may make it easier for you to find beautiful items at prices that are somewhat more affordable. [I:]

Diamond is one of the hardest materials on the planet. They do not chip or break unless they are hit with extreme force. The same process that turned carbon into diamonds causes them to become very dense and capable of handling a lot of damage and stress.

The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. The more carats a diamond has the larger it is and, therefore the more expensive it is as well. Larger stones are extremely rare and are likely to contain flaws inside of the stones. Large, flawless diamonds can be extremely expensive and pieces that feature them will usually have very high price tags attached to them.

Color can often be an issue when it comes to value and pricing. Some fashionable pieces feature colored diamonds in hues of pink, blue, brown or yellow. Some pieces will use a combination of different colored stones or match diamonds with other gem stones. However, colorless diamonds are still by far the most valuable. If a stone has some faint color to it then it will be less valuable and have a lower price tag than a diamond that is white or colorless. [I:]

When cutting a stone, a gem cutter will create a series of facets. These reflect the light and give the stone its sparkle. They need to avoid putting flaws into the stones and may need to cut around naturally occurring flaws which are also called inclusions. The sparkle can really add a lot to the value of a well-cut piece.

Cut stones are then set into metal and are normally held in place with prongs. The metal used to hold the stone in place and which is used to make the rest of the piece can also affect a piece's price. You can find pieces in stores and online. Online auctions may be a great place to find pieces at very affordable prices.

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