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Do I Have False Gold Jewelry?

When I thought I need to sell gold jewelry, I wondered if my gold was real, and I began a search for a way to figure out if my gold jewelry was genuine. I didn't have time search all over town taking all of my gold to different jewelry buyers to have it evaluated. I was considering selling my gold jewelry for a little extra cash, so I needed to be sure if it was real before I bothered trying to sell it.

Have you ever heard of the magnet test? You won't have to run to the hardware store for this test.

The first and simplest test that you can do is the magnet test. Exactly how does the magnet test work? Gold and other precious metals simply are not attracted to magnets. But be careful with this test. Not all fake gold jewelry will be attracted to magnets.

But where are you going to find a magnet for this test? Head to the kitchen. Why the kitchen, because you probably have some refrigerator magnets in there. This type of magnet should work great for most people. But if you have some of the cheap plastic type, they may not be strong enough.

Have you ever heard of the hallmarking of jewelry? It's simple and easy to find, but you need to know exactly what to look for.

Hallmarking is generally found in the form of the karat stamp in gold jewelry. This type of modern hallmarking is generally the same in the US and the UK. Most likely you will find a 14K or 18K stamp on the inside of rings and on the post of earrings. Some of the European marks are very different. They are typically a numeric marking indicating the purity of the gold.

These markings relate to the purity of the gold. 18K gold, for example is 75% gold. The percentage is determined by dividing 18 by 24. You divide by 24 because 24K gold is the purest form of this precious metal. Yep, it's as simple as that.

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