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Being Single

Why do you even want women? Why do you need them so much? You need to think hard about this. Most men want companionship for the wrong reasons. Do you want a woman so that everyone can see that you aren't alone? Or, are you simply brainwashed by society that says that you cannot live without a woman?

Most men think that their life cannot be complete without having a woman. Well, this is the opposite from the truth. The truth is that you can be very happy in life without having a woman. Society teaches you the opposite. They say that your life will simply not be complete if there isn't a woman with you. You can want women. Just don't let females become an obsession for you.

How do you achieve that? It is not easy to achieve. Most guys are completely desperate without women. You have to be different from them. You need to use the power of meditation and other spiritual practices in order to transcend that desperate need for a woman. You should know that this need is also biologically hard wired into us. That's why the need is okay.

Only when you achieve that emotional stability without a woman, only then should you search for a woman. At this point, it is okay to want a woman. However, you have to be okay with not getting a particular woman or staying alone in general. People are generally hard wired to hate loneliness. People are also hard wired to be violent. If we can resist the violence aspect, we can resist the loneliness.

There are other great bonuses of being single. You probably know many of them. You get to have more time for yourself. You can think and do things so much clearly when you are single. Don't forget that being able to handle loneliness is a sign that you have matured (emotionally).

Want some Funny Pick Up Lines? I am not going to give them to you. They won't help you. Being internally mature is the key to success. Females are attracted to mature men. It will also give you more satisfaction.

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