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Short Prom Dresses Are in Vogue

Fashion is a fickle creature since it changes and is affected by so many factors that a fad can last just a few weeks only to be replaced by another. Look through the many styles that we have seen through the years and you will see a pace of change that is both furious and eccentric. In recent memory, we have come from shoulder pads to metal chains to lighted shirts to throwback fashion in a spin cycle of trends.

High school is such a formative part of our lives. We grow and enter the world of adults as we figure out the transition that we make from kid to young adult and the various changes that we undergo. We shed the cute little pink lace ensembles and find our look and identity.

There are many opportunities that this phase offers us in terms of dressing up. More than the lessons we learned, we look back at the social functions that we attended like formals and the parties. We sometimes thumb through the photos of ourselves back then and laugh at how "hideous" we looked in the dresses that did not drape our gangling bodies well. But look closely at those pictures, for the younger you was still trying to find your look and you can see hints of it there.

If there is one big event that we dressed to the hilt for, it was our prom night. Today, the in thing is to have short prom dresses. Because we live in a much more liberal time, we see that the dresses that are worn in these functions have used less and less material. Getting the best prom dress can be definitive of your high school life.

There is another social function that we prepare for in high school. We carefully choose from the many homecoming dresses for that very important night. A night to look back at our past and meet the new and improved versions of our peers.

These two very distinct pieces of clothing tell a lot about our personalities. How we look and our sense of style is derived from these special moments where we learned a lot. Many people may say that the focus we put on aesthetic is shallow and unimportant, but we know better. Though what we wear does not define us, it tells people of who we are.

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