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Fashion Q & A: What Is a Tennis Bracelet?

If you'd like to give an attractive and considerate present, start thinking about a diamond bracelet. There are a number of types of bracelet available on the market depending on your price range, a occasion, and a fashion choices of a wearer. The 2 best-known types are a diamond line bracelet, or "tennis bracelet", & a diamond bangle bracelet.

An example of a most favored models of diamond bracelet is a tennis bracelet. What is a tennis bracelet? "Tennis bracelet" is merely the title given to a traditional diamond line bracelet following a high-profile event involving one in the 1980s.

Tennis champ Chris Evert owned a favorite diamond line bracelet she regularly wore to her matches, which became lost in the course of one of her matches at the 1987 U.S. Open. She requested the judges temporarily pause play to permit her precious bracelet to be located. They allowed it, the bracelet was recovered, and she proceeded to win the match. The world was watching as these events unfolded, so it is unsurprising that a trend was inspired.

The diamond bangle bracelet is another option. The key selling points of the bangle is that it's less classic but more currently stylish and thus well suited to wearers with modern fashion sense, and also diamond bangle bracelets-particularly pave set diamond bangle bracelet styles-make fewer or smaller diamonds go farther and save you money as a result.

Diamond bracelets are suitable gifts for many occasions and recipients, whether it's a hip diamond bangle for your sister on her birthday or a classic single-line diamond tennis bracelet on an anniversary for your special someone.

Diamond bracelets, both in bangle & tennis bracelet variations, are always a safe bet. The sophistication & loveliness they bring to any setting is what has made them so prominent everywhere from the tennis court to the ballet.

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