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Do Wedding Rings Have to Match? The Truth About Tungsten Rings

The question "do wedding bands have to match?" is a common one, but the truth is that there's no one way for a couple to choose their wedding bands. If corresponding wedding rings do appeal to you, however, there are a lot of options for achieving the look.

The simplest approach to choosing matching wedding bands is to simply get rings that are actually identical. With every design from plain gold bands to laser-etched Celtic knots rings in modern metals available, choosing identical matching rings that reflects your tastes as a couple is a simple prospect.

More often, you'll find that a couple's wedding bands share similar traits like metal type and possibly even the same design, but with minor changes to personalize each partner's ring and scaled widths in order to make each ring in the best proportions for that wearer's hand.

Another draw of matching wedding rings is that they are often available for sale as sets, which can bring down the price. Tungsten carbide matching wedding rings are an especially great deal, as the same bulk discount generally applies to these already affordable rings. Choosing a tungsten set is the best way to get a high-quality cheap wedding set.

Some other wedding band traditions you may or may not wish to observe include the practice of each member of the couple paying for the other's ring, and for the respective rings to be given to the best man and maid of honor for safe keeping until the rings are exchanged during the ceremony.

Picking out your wedding bands together and finding common ground in styles that match in some way to complement both of you can be a lot of fun when approached with an open mind and creative attitude. This is a great chance to get some practice in making important decisions later, which will, of course, be a big part of your upcoming married life.

"Do wedding bands have to match?" That just depends on what's best for you & yours. Whether you are searching for a high-ticket platinum set or a top quality yet cheap wedding set, Rings Tungsten has what you're looking for!

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