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Christina Aguilera Perfume

Most people have heard of Christina Aguilera by now. She is, after all, one of the most famous American female vocal artists. However, it seems that some people aren't aware that she now also has her own line of Christina Aguilera perfumes. It's probably because she's already done so much with her life that it can be hard to keep up with all the new developments in her career.

While she might be like a super woman now, Christina Aguilera was a small town girl, growing up in a town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, even back then, she was always known as "that little girl with the amazing loud voice", in a good way of course.

Unfortunately, not all the attention Christina received when she was young was anywhere near as favorable. While she was still a child, other children bullied her. Between the neighborhood kids calling her names and slashing the tyres of the family car, Christina's childhood wasn't always a pleasant one. Finally, in 1993 she became old enough to become a cast member of The Mickey Mouse Club, joining future stars Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Keri Russell and Britney Spears. Joining the cast was Christina's big break.

Before many years had passed, Christina had recorded several hit albums and singles. Now a recording star, she married husband Jordan Bratman in 2005 and had a baby in 2008. Between her career and her personal life, she stays very busy. Her wedding was big news, but it was even more exciting when she had her baby. Forbes magazine says Christina is in fifth place for the most money any celebrity has ever received for baby photos. Reportedly, she was paid 1.5 million dollars so that People magazine could publish the baby photos.

Think that she has enough going on already? Well, she doesn't. Aguilera has her own perfume out which is quickly gaining a lot of attention. The Christina Aguilera Eau De Parfum is affordable and surprisingly sexy, according to many fans of the new scent. Even those who have been fans of other particular scents, even for many years on end, have found themselves dropping their old perfumes for this scent from Aguilera. It is truly something to try for yourself if you have not already received a sample card of the scent or have smelled it on a friend.

As you can see, there is nothing stopping this woman from having it all. Don't believe it yet? Try the Christina Aguilera Perfumes and see for yourself.

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