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Choose the Perfect Handbag With These Tips

It's no secret that women have an affinity for purses and handbags. Many of us like to have a variety of bags to choose from. And there are plenty to choose from - formal handbags, evening bags, hobo bags, beach totes, and shoulder bags, just to name a few.

But handbags are a lot more than just accessory to your outfit. The right style of bag can do as much as your pants or blouse to accentuate your body shape. So before you buy a new bag, take a look at these tips and find out what you need to look at when choosing one for your style.

Generally, when you look for a handbag you want a style that contrasts with your body type. If you have a heavy figure you should choose a handbag that has a lean, sleek lines. On the other hand, a longer, thinner figure is accentuated by a bag that is less structured.

If you have an angular figure, look for rounded shape bags. And the opposite is true also - a rounded figure looks best with a more angular, structured bag.

Shape isn't the only consideration, you should also concern yourself with the size of the bag. As opposed to the shape, you want the size of the bag to be in proportion to the size of your body. So if you're tall or heavy set, you'll want to have a larger bag, while small and very thin women should choose smaller, sleeker bags.

The best way to decide is to actually try your purse on, just like you would any other article of clothing. Look at yourself in the mirror, carrying it the way you normally would. If you're considering a shoulder bag, where does it hang to? The part of your body by the bottom of the bag will be accentuated. So if you have heavy hips, you don't want a bag that stops at hip level. Most women look best with a bag that ends at the waist.

Hobo bags for women come in styles from sleek and structured to oversized and slouchy. They're generally a good look on any body as they can lay flat and conform to the figure. Across the body bags distribute weight well, making it a great choice for those of us who have a lot to carry. Visit to find a bag that's just right for you.

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