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You Don’t Need Bars and Clubs

What is the best way of meeting women? Most guys think that they need to go to bars and clubs to meet women. Well, that's not true. Actually, going to bars and clubs is the worst way to meet women. When you go to bars and clubs to meet women, you lose to much time and you don't get good results usually.

Think about it. Why would you go to a bar or a club to meet women? Most women are very cold there anyway. They are cold to most men that approach them. They definitely aren't themselves when they are in those places. They guard themselves against men. It is not a natural environment for humans. That's why everyone gets drunk there. You don't have to put up with that.

I have a better way of meeting women. It is called day game. This strategy enables you to meet women any time and anywhere. You won't have to visit bars and clubs anymore. You will be able to meet women during the daytime. You actually won't have to visit any particular place. You just need to exit your house and you will see women all around you.

You are probably tired of wasting too much money when getting drunk in a club? It messes up your next morning for most men. You have a hangover and you lose the whole freaking morning. When doing day-game, you don't have to change your daily plans. You can continue doing your daily chores and meet women along the way. It has so many advantages over night game.

When you encounter women during your regular life, they will be much more normal than in bars and clubs. They will usually be themselves. Interacting with those women is much more enjoyable. You don't have to be someone else either. You can be yourself and act normal. Also, you don't have to waste so much time on those interactions (with the day-based strategy).

You don't need the top 10 pick up lines. Feel free to use appreciation in day game. Compliment her looks. Be authentic when doing this. Let her know that she is really beautiful. There is no difficulty in this.

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