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Why Men Don’t Connect With Women

Do you think women understand us as men? Well, the truth is that they don't. They operate on certain beliefs about us. Those beliefs are usually not true. That is why they treat us the way they do. We end up being frustrated because women do not understand us. It is sad when you really think about it.

Here is an interesting thing. Women think that most men are pretty successful with women. They think that men have no problem getting women. Well, the truth is that women have no problem getting men. And considering that humans see things from only their perspective, it is only fair to assume that women think this way only because of their viewpoint. Women get men easy and that is why they assume that men also get women easily. In reality, you cannot even compare us in this aspect. It is so much easier for a woman to get men than for a man to get women.

Can you go into a club and take any woman home? The truth is that you can go to clubs for months or years and not even have a one night stand with one woman. A woman can go into a club and get a man easily. In fact, if a woman wanted to, she could get more than one guy for the same night. Now, tell me what guy could do something like that. I know so many guys who go to clubs for years and they have never taken even one woman home.

You can take the ugliest girl and put her in a club. At the same time, you can take the prettiest guy and put him in the same club. There is only a very small chance that the guy will find a girl to go home with him (even if he approaches all the women in the club). The girl, on the other hand, will have no problem finding a guy to go home with. In fact, she could do that with more than one guy if she wanted to.

You don't need to blame women for rejections. You need to blame how society has programmed them. They do not do it on purpose to us. They just think that they know the truth.

Are you interested pick up lines that are funny? Actually, you don't need it. You have to understand the inner game of male-female relations only. The lines aren't crucial.

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